August 15, 2021

Julie and I would like to let everyone know that after 23 years we have decided that it’s time to think about retiring.  We will be putting Wabaskang Camp up for sale and are looking for someone else to become the Camp Hosts.  The sale of a business like this can take years.  We plan on running things exactly the same as we always have and want to assure you that we want this place to stay as the “Best Darn Fishing Camp” in the future.  We are planning on seeing everyone next season and we will be sending reservations and the Christmas Letter as usual.  We felt we should let you all know from us instead of finding out on someone else’s Facebook page or in a property sale flyer.  Over the years we have made wonderful friendships that we don’t take for granted.  This letter is not a good bye but a heads up that we are finally realizing that retirement age is creeping up on us faster than we thought.

Jim & Julie

July 19, 2021

Hello again from Wabaskang Camp. The Canadian Government announced today the border will open to fully vaccinated travelers on August 9th. Travelers will also need a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of your arrival at the border along with a copy of your Covid Vaccination card. You will be required to use the… Continue Reading

July 15,2021 Season update

Greetings from Wabaskang Camp, Julie and I have been here at camp since late April and have stayed busy painting cabins and doing odd jobs around camp. We are still waiting for definite news about the possibility of the border opening to fully vaccinated Americans but no news yet. There is plenty of speculation about… Continue Reading

June 2021 update

A warm hello from Jim and Julie at Wabaskang Camp. We have been patiently waiting for any news on the reopening of the Canadian/U.S. border to leisure travel but as of today there is no definite date of reopening or any information of the requirements that will be asked of our guests. We do not… Continue Reading

Update for 2021

     Julie and I want to say hello to all our Wabaskang Camp friends. It’s been a crazy world we have all been living in the last year or so and unfortunately the next few months don’t look much better. On April 8th the Government of Ontario declared another State of Emergency that will remain… Continue Reading

Christmas 2020

A warm holiday greeting to all our friends from Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp.   We know all of us have been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, some have lost friends and loved ones, family members and co-workers and we pray for all of you. God bless those of you that contracted the virus and made… Continue Reading

August 16th 2020

Greetings from Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. As expected, the U.S. / Canadian Border will remain closed to nonessential travel through September 21st with the possibility of being extended well into October. We have decided to cancel the remainder of our season. The patience and understanding of our guests have been so appreciated and we… Continue Reading

July 5th 2020 fishing season update

Hello to all our friends of Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. The U.S./Canadian border will remain closed to non-essential travel through July 31st now and if it does open after that then anyone crossing into Ontario will have to self-quarantine for 15days if they cross anytime in August which means we will be cancelling all… Continue Reading

June 19, 2020 Border Crossing

Hello to all our friends of Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp.  The U.S./Canadian border restrictions have been extended to July 21st which means no nonessential travel will be allowed. If the border restrictions are lifted on July 21st, we have decided to make Saturday August 1st our opening date for the season. Once again, we… Continue Reading

May 21, 2020 Border Update Covid-19

Greetings from Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. The Canadian Prime Minister announced he has made the decision the extend the U.S.-Canadian border closing for another 30 days. We had hoped to be able to have camp open for our guests starting Saturday the 20th of June but this will no longer be possible. We have… Continue Reading