Week 15, 2018 August 25th- 31st

Hello again from Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. Week 15 of our 2018 season was a week of good fishing and mild weather. Still no significant rains in our area thus the lake level continues to fall. Our guests reported no problems getting around on the water so far and next week looks like a chance for some wet weather. The walleye bite for big fish has gone deep, plenty of lunkers being caught in the 25’ to 30’ depth. The best bait seems to be a jig and minnow or a Lindy Rig and minnow, crawlers did catch some fish but not on a regular basis. Jeff Schmidt started things off this week when he released a 24” walleye, Kevin Reints set his ice cream bar down long enough to catch and release a chunky 26” walleye, Ed Traeger managed to catch and release a 26” walleye, Ed is usually the man to beat at poker not fishing. The big walleye of the week was caught by Barney Wiersma, he landed a feisty 26 ½” walleye to take home top honors for the week. Northern Pike fishing slowed some this week with many of the big brutes in a transition period moving from weed edges to deep water. The baits that worked the best dove deep and resembled a small walleye or cisco. Mike Lammers was almost a no show this week when it comes to northern fishing, he mentioned a 38” fish he released but no better, no hat for you again this week. Lincoln Johnson is only 11 years old but he managed to land a beautiful 39” northern he caught in deep water on a Lindy Rig, Lincoln is taking his trophy home to hang on the wall, it was worth skipping a few days of school I guess. Bill Mincks was here two weeks but his best fish were only 38” and 39”, next season we will have to see if we can steer you toward some giant northern. Ed Traeger rose up once again this week when it comes to northern fishing, he released a 36” northern that was the biggest in his party, that’s not saying much. Barney Wiersma caught a 37” northern, biggest in his group as well! Kevin Reints seemed to have the best week of anyone in camp when it came to northern fishing, he released a 37” & 38” & 41” northern to easily smoke the competition this week, guess fishing with “Big Mike: does have its advantages. Bass fishing was slow again this week with most fish being taken while fishing deep water for walleyes. Roger Luhring usually catches a huge walleye each time he is in camp but this week the only way he made the board was with his 18 1/4” bass, seems old Roger may have lost his magic touch. Sue Mincks did manage to catch and release a chunky 18 1/2” bass, she always keeps her husband Bill in place. The big bass of the week was caught and released by a rookie in camp, Brian Haezebroeck landed a 19 1/2” monster bass that was easily the biggest of the week, great job especially since his guide was Ryan Waterman. Next week looks cooler and maybe some rain so the fishing should continue to impress our guests, for now this is Jim from Wabaskang.

Week 14, 2018 August 18th – 24th

Hello to all our friends of Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. Another week has come and gone with plenty of exciting fishing and memorable moments. Our walleye fishing continues to impress our guests with plenty of trophy sized fish being caught and released each week. The bigger fish are moving deep now and can be… Continue Reading

Week 10, 2018 July 21st – July 27th

Mid-season greetings from Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. Another great week has come and gone so let’s talk about what the fishing was like on week ten. The northern fishing was decent for our guests, large spinner baits, Suicks, Sandcats, and Bulldogs were all good baits, also spoons and crank baits were decent producers. Dennis… Continue Reading

Week 9, 2018 July 14th – 20th

Another week has passed us by here at Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. The ninth week of our season was a week filled with hot temperatures, windy days, thunder storms, and decent fishing. The walleye fishing has continued to be solid with great catches of average sized fish and a few trophies as well. Most… Continue Reading

Week 8, 2018 July 7th – 13th

Hello again from Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. Week number 8 of our season has come and gone with plenty of great memories made buy our guests and some decent fish to talk about. Northern fishing has slowed some with the very hot temperatures we have been experiencing. Some days we saw temperatures over 90… Continue Reading