Week 8, 2019 July 6th – 12th

Another great week here at Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. Week number 8 of our 20th season has come and gone so let’s chat about what went on. The walleye bite is still slow but our guests still managed to catch enough eater walleye for fish fries and we also had a few trophies caught and released. The Mayfly hatch was extremely large this season and it definitely affected the fishing. Most of our guests reported seeing plenty of fish roaming the shallow rock piles and weed lines but nothing was biting. The best walleye bite was on crank baits and soft tube baits when fished along the weeds and ripped back to the boat. Live bait rigs were definitely not the way to go this week with only scattered success with our guests. Vance Menzies caught a chunky 23” walleye but his fish was easily topped by Brett Ulrich and Dave Marshall, both fishermen each caught 24” walleyes to tie for top honors for the week. The northern fishing was affected by the Mayfly hatch as well, we saw decent numbers of small fish but a limited number of trophy fish. The best bait seemed to be a spinner bait or a Whopper Plopper. Dave Marshall started things off when he released a 31” northern, great job old timer. Next we saw Bob Comer released a chunky 33” northern. Corey Askildson didn’t fish a whole lot last week but when he did, he made the most of it by releasing a nice 33 1/2” northern. Randy “Dandy” Adams was the superstar in camp this week, he managed to catch and release a beautiful 36” brute to take top honors for the week, he is wearing his free hat with great joy and pride I bet. Bass fishing was very good again this week with most fish being caught on surface baits and spinner baits. A bobber and worm worked well as usual if you have the patience to try it. Little Blake Marshall started things off when he released a chunky 17” bass, Randy “Dandy” Adams released a pair of 18” bass this week but his wife Joyce did him one better by releasing a beautiful 18 1/2” bass, pretty easy to beat Randy isn’t it Joyce? The top bass of the week was caught by Kaden Ulrich, he landed a massive 19” brute to take top honors for the week. We have had many storms the last ten days or so and plenty of rain, the lake is on the rise and will be in great the rest of the season. We also lost many trees around camp especially close to the lake and along my road due to the strong winds coming with the storms. Remember Hwy 502 is a bit rough in spots due to road construction so consider taking the west route through Nester Falls and Sioux Narrows. Also remember to stop by Dutchies General Store or Rainbow Point Store before you get to camp to grab those last minute items you may have forgot and get your license as well, we can get you one here but our internet is weather dependent and it may be running very slow especially if we have dozens of guests waiting on a fishing license. The Whiskey Jack Restaurant will gladly serve you breakfast or lunch on Saturday if you’re running a bit early so stop in and have a bite to eat before you get to camp and we should have your cabin ready to go when you get here, they also have the best pizza in Northwest Ontario so consider having a pizza out on the town one evening. For now, this is Jim from Wabaskang. 

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