Week 14, 2019 July 17th – 23rd

Hello again from Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. We had another great week here at camp, plenty of nice fish and more than enough fun and games to go around. Week 14 was a week of wind and warm temperatures. The walleye bite is definitely going deeper now with an average depth of 18’ being the place to start. Our guests fishing that depth were using Lindy Rigs or a jig and minnow combination for the best results. We also saw some good catches coming from weed lines at about the 10’ depth if there was a chop on the water and some cloud cover. Brian Boevers started things off when he landed a 23” walleye, Josh Johnson caught a chunky 24” walleye which was his best ever, Stan Wubbena released a beautiful 24” walleye, Grady Edeker was the youngest guest in camp, still in diapers but that didn’t stop him from catching and releasing a 24 1/2” walleye, he takes after his mom when it comes to fishing. Dan Roose found time between boat motor issues to catch and released a 25” walleye, maybe he should leave his boat at home next season and fish with his buddy Allyn Harms, he won’t catch any fish but he will save a bunch of money on boat repairs. Doyle Brocka returned to camp this season—-unfortunately, he did catch and release a chunky 25 3/4” walleye but who cares? Doyle will be back to see me in a few weeks—unfortunately, I can hardly wait. We had a three-way tie for the biggest walleye of the week, Kim Schaeffer, Larry Thomas, and Kevin Holm all released 27” walleyes, Larry caught his first so he is the big winner and went home with a free hat. Our northern fishing was great if you like walleye fishing and don’t mind catching the toothy critters while your angling for a walleye. Many of the bigger northern were caught while dragging a jig and minnow around in deep water looking for a walleye, a few northern were caught by our guests who were relentlessly tossing big baits for the fish but it seemed the traditional northern techniques were not working this week. Dan Roose, Jack Langfritz, and Kaleb Ott all released fish right around 34”, Lori Edeker released a 35 1/2” northern, her husband Dan released a 36” fish, Kevin Holm landed a chunky 36” northern, Sue Mincks never gives up and finally she was able to catch and release a 37” northern, her husband Bill could only sit back and watch, better luck next season Bill! Tyler Hicok caught his 39 1/2” monster on a big spoon, Josh Johnson and Thea Wubbena both released 40” brutes they caught while fishing deep water for walleyes. Terri Roose released a 40 1/2” trophy in spite of fishing with husband Dan, Lucas Brocka is a camp legend around here and the 41” monster northern he released was his personal best, the biggest northern of the week was skillfully caught by Amber Luhring, she is the daughter of Brian and Sherri Boevers and she definitely takes after her parents, she landed a 43” monster northern which was bigger than her father Brian has ever caught, way to go Amber! Our bass fishing was spotty this week but we did see four fish released that were 19” long. Susan Langfritz, Terri Roose, Tim Schaeffer, and Brett Langfritz all released 19” bass but Susan caught her fish first so she is the big winner of the week, we owe you a hat so remind us next season, if you forget I’m sure your husband Brett won’t. The biggest crappie of the week was caught by Quinn Edeker, his 11 3/4” fish topped his dad Dan’s 11” fish to take top honors for the week. Next week looks cool, wet, and windy so let’s wait and see how our guest deal with some tough conditions, I’m thinking the group of seasoned veterans we have in camp next week will do just fine. For now, this is Jim from Wabaskang. 

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