Week 18, 2019 September 14th – 20th

Hello to all our friends of Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. Week 18 has come and gone so I better let everyone know how the fishing was. The week was filled with wind and rain, same old tune for the last three weeks. The walleye fishing is transitioning to deep water and we saw some fish as deep as 30’ and other walleyes were caught in 17’ so a spot that was hot one day was ice cold the next. The best bait was a simple jig tipped with a medium sized minnow, another hot bait was a Lindy Rig doctored up with a large juicy minnow or fat crawler. Brett Langfritz made his last trip to camp for the season and he started things off by releasing a chunky 24” walleye, Randy Oyen was a new fella in camp this week, he caught a 22” walleye that really isn’t a big deal except he caught it in spite of being stuck in the boat with Steve Irish all week, Randy must have drawn the short straw. Bruce Fryk is a fellow Waverly resident and his best walleye of the week was a nice 24” fish. The biggest walleye of the week was caught by none other than Dave Lindaman, he released a beautiful 25 1/2” walleye to easily crush the rest of the competition in camp—– until super-star Roger Graney came out of Keynote Lake with a gigantic 30” walleye he is taking home to hang on the wall, those Wisconsin guys know how to catch fish—-well all of them except Steve Irish. Our northern fishing was good this week with plenty of trophy sized fish being caught and released. Most of our guests were casting large stick baits like a Sandcat or Suick, also spoons or large Mepps spinners worked well. Brian Luecke started things off on Saturday when he released a 30” northern, he also released a 34” northern later in the week. Allyn Harms released a 35” northern, better stick to pond fishing Allyn. Dave Harms released a chunky 35 1/4” northern, not much bigger than Allyn’s fish but much more skill involved. Doyle Brocka caught and released a 38” northern, but who cares? Brett Langfritz and Bruce Fryk each released a 40” northern to tie for the big fish of the week. The bass fishing this week was spotty but we did see some big fish being caught and released. Dave Lindaman started things off when he accidently caught a 17” bass while walleye fishing in deep water, Harlan Kruse once again drove out of camp wearing a free hat, his 18 1/2” bass was biggest of the week and shows that anybody can catch a stinkin bass. Not very many perch being caught this week, Dwong Le reported a 10 1/2” perch to win bragging rights for perch this week. Randy Oyen caught a chunky 12” crappie in Keynote Lake to easily crush the competition this week, great job Randy. Next week looks like more rain and then cooler weather so let’s hope our 19th week of the season will have plenty to talk about. For now, this is Jim from Wabaskang.

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