Week 6, 2022 June 25th – July 1st

Hello again from Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. Week number 6 has come and gone with plenty of great memories for all our guests. The lake water levels continue to slowly drop but are still well above normal. Our guests are beginning to see good green lush cabbage weeds now and many of the big walleyes and northern have moved into the weeds to feed on the perch and minnows that are hiding amongst the thick weeds. Our guests saw good numbers of walleyes last week with most being caught on soft plastics and medium sized crank baits. Brown or chartreuse were both great colors to try. Most fish were caught in neck down shallows close to deep water or thick weeds. The best depth varied depending on the time of day but shallow in the mornings and evenings as is a bit deeper during mid-day, usually around 15′ to 18′ was best. Bill Kruziki started things off with a 22 1/2″ walleye, Will Lowes caught a chunky 23″ walleye. Mark Nihoris released a beautiful 24″ walleye, Andy Lowes released a chunky 26 1/2″ walleye, Ed Bergen was top dog this week when he caught and released a trophy 27 1/2″ walleye. 

Our northern fishing improved again this week with a mix of small, medium, and trophy sized fish. We saw many of our guests throwing big stick baits and crank baits to entice the toothy critters. Soft plastics also caught plenty of northern along with the standard jig and minnow combination or spinner rig and minnow. Most fish were caught right along the weed lines and on the edges or rocky points and humps. Bodie Inselman released his personal best this week a chunky 32 1/2″ northern, his brother Zayden released a nice 35″ brute and grandpa Charlie Zender matched Zayden’s fish by releasing his own 35″ northern. Lars Rosemead released his biggest northern ever, a fat 35 1/2″ brute. Mark Nihoris had a great week; he released a pair of 36″ fish. Andy Lowes released an impressive 37″ brute.  The big winner of the week was Brent Minett, he released a pair of 39″ monsters to take top honors for the week.  Bass fishing has transitioned into shoreline and structure fishing now with top water and tube jugs catching plenty of big bass. Mornings and evenings saw plenty of action but even mid-day was good if the wind was blowing and you fished the points and rock piles. Bodie Inselman always catches big bass and his biggest this week was a 19 1/2″ bass he released. Lars Rosene also released a chunky 19 1/2″ bass. The big winner of the week was Ryan Inselman, he released a massive 20 1/2″ “football” to take top honors for the week. 

Our crappie and perch fishing were good again last week with plenty of crappies in the 11″ to 13″ range. Most fish came from the south end of the lake in Keynote or Ruby Bay. A tiny jig and worm or minnow worked great as well as just a tinsel tailed jig. Working the reeds along the shore was best along with rock piles and sunken trees. Emma Lowes caught plenty of perch and crappies with her biggest crappie being 13″, Cade and Joel Sandager came all the way from Florida to enjoy our camp and the both caught crappies around 13”. Audrey Lowes was a perch magnet this  week with good numbers on multiple days and her biggest being around 11″. 

Sorry but no trout to report this week, I’m a bit disappointed with you Braden Lowes😜

We want to mention to our guests coming in future weeks to please get your fishing licenses ahead of time as we are not doing them here at camp this season, also print us a copy if you can or I can copy yours when you get to camp. You cannot bring any live bait from the United States so pick up your worms after you cross or we also keep plenty on hand along with our usual minnow supply, we do not carry leeches. No poultry products from most areas of the U.S. so figure on purchasing what you need after you cross. Be sure to use the ArriveCAN ap to schedule your arrival at the border. 

It’s been great to finally see many of our guests after almost three seasons, so many stories and family additions to catch up on. We currently are seeing about 50% of our normal groups due to the vaccine requirement and don’t see those numbers improving much the rest of the year since the requirement has been extended through September.  

Julie and I want the best for everyone and are hoping for better days and weeks ahead, stay safe and healthy and we will chat again next week. This is Jim from Wabaskang 👍

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