Week 2 of 2023 May 27th – June 2nd

Week number two of our 2023 season has come and gone with plenty of great fishing and beautiful sunsets.  The bass fishing is really hot right now with numerous gigantic fish being caught and released. The big females are sticking to the shallow water beds and are very agreeable when a soft bodied tube jig drops in their lap. Gene Katzung caught a beautiful 18” bass while he trolled a homemade spinner rig and minnow, blue is his color of choice. Kevin Johnson caught close to a hundred bass and his biggest was a whopping 18 3/4” beauty. Blake Johnson taught his dad Kevin a lesson this year when he skillfully caught and released a monster 19” brute, cannot wait to listen to his guitar playing again next season. James “Sid” Sette also caught and released a giant 19” bass that was the envy of his entire gang. 

Northern fishing took a backseat to the bass fishing this week but we did see some very nice fish released. Most of the northern were caught in shallow water using a jig and minnow or a medium sized spoon or crank bait. Corey Katzung started things off with his 30” northern only to see his mom Darlene crush his fish when she caught and released a 32” brute, Corey did come back later in the week and return the favor by releasing a 36 1/2” fish. Gary Wilkinson released a respectable 36” fish, Mike Jenkins managed to catch a 36 1/2” northern, he still has the magic touch. Craig Kleinschmidt released a 35 1/2” beauty that impressed even his son Logan. The biggest northern of the week was caught by none other than the legendary (just ask him) Rob Schluga, he released his trophy 37 1/2” monster to fight another day. 

Walleye fishing was hit again in week two with almost all the fish being causing 10’ of water or less. A simple hook and minnow worked well along with jigs and minnows or crawlers or even small crank baits caught good sized fish. Tyler Carrillo started things off by catching a chunky 21″ walleye that would never even make the update except it was the first walley reported to me on Saturday, too bad so sad. Daryl Francour caught and released his biggest walleye ever while fishing in the “senior citizens” boat, a nice 25″ trophy. Rick Pease showed his son Mike how it’s done when he released a chunky 25 1/2″ beauty. Jim Willoughby released his 26 1/2″ walleye just one of many big walleyes he has released over the many many years he has been fishing up here. We had a three way tie this week for the biggest walleye in camp, Corey Katzung, Rob Schluga, and Kevin Meysenbourg all released their 27 1/2″ trophies, we love all the friendly competition that takes place in camp every week.

Perch fishing was ok but the fish were trending towards the smaller size. A bobber and worm worked well with most fish being around 10″ or smaller.

Crappie fishing was decent this week with limits being caught by many of our guests. A small tube jig worked well along with a bobber and minnow or worm. Kevin Johnson found a hot spot and caught plenty of crappies, his biggest was a nice 13 1/4″ fish, Mike Pease always catches impressive fish and his 14″ crappie was leading the pack until Rick Carlson reported his 15″ monster crappie to me, Rick always finds a spot that holds crappies and does his best early mornings and late evenings. No trout caught in Wabaskang by our guests this week. 

Remember to get your fishing license before arriving in camp. Also, you can bring eggs and chicken this season but it must be store bought and not from a “backyard ” flock. Dutchies General Store just up the road can help you out with your licenses and almost any other beverage, grocery, or souvenir needs. The Whiskey Jack Restaurant is a great place to stop in and enjoy a meal, Laura and Graham have added new mouthwatering items to their menu that you need to try, let Graham and Laura do the cooking for you because remember you are on vacation.

We finally received some much-needed rain a few days ago but the MNR has banned all open fires until conditions improve. That is all for now, this is Jim from Wabaskang. 

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