Week 12, 2023 August 5th – 11th

Another week has come and gone here at Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. The 12th week of our season saw a great number of trophy sized walleye and northern released as well as a giant musky. The drought continues here and our guests are managing to still fish all areas of the lake but need to use a bit of caution running through the narrows to the big Wabby and into Keynote Lake. Once again rain is in the forecast so maybe we will see a decent rain soon. Smoke from fires in NW Canada has settled into our area for the time being but a change in the wind will help move it along. 

The walleye fishing continues to produce good catches and great numbers for our guests. Many fish are still in the weeds and are eager to grab a jig and minnow or plastic bait. A spinner rig and minnow or crawler also worked great. Micah Gerber showed his brother Eli how it’s done when he landed a 21″ walleye, Deb Watkins caught a chunky 25″ fish that made her hubby Rob a bit jealous. Marty Neihouser released his 25″ walleye after a quick pic and a smile. The biggest walleye if the week was caught and released by camp legend Gene Katzung, he caught his 27″ beauty on a spinner rig he made himself, he still has the talent for sure. 

Northern fishing also was good this week with countless trophies being released. Our guests caught the toothy critters on the weed edges and over rocky humps in 20+ feet of water. Big musky baits worked in open water and spoons and crank baits worked great along the weed lines. Charlie Zender released a 31″ northern only to see his wife Vicki release a chunky 34″ fish. Vance Menzies released a 35 3/4″ northern but saw his fish get topped by his step-son Casey Dobbs who released a nice 36″ brute. Tim Tune made his first trip to camp with his buddy Vance and he released a 36 1/2″ northern the first day here, beginners luck Vance would say. Kyle McNeil released a 36″ and 38″ this week both being his biggest ever. Ryan Neihouser got out of bed this week long enough to catch and release a fat 37″ northern, nice fish fella. Tim Wuethrich Jr. had a great week he has learned from the master on big fish tactics, he released a 38″ and giant 41″ northern this week. Tim’s brother Logan makes up for his lack of skill by having simple dumb luck, he released a giant 39 1/2″ brute. Eli Gerber skyways catches big fish even though he is only 12 years old, he released two 34″ and a 36″ northern this week.  Darlene Katzung is a quiet woman but she made big noise when she released a beautiful 40″ northern caught on one of her husband Gene’s spinner rigs. The biggest northern of the week and maybe eventually the season was caught and released by Tim Wuethrich Sr. Tim Is always on the fish and he managed to release a monster 44″ northern that even impressed “Big Mike”, not an easy thing to do. 

Bass fishing has good days and slow days. Too water baits and tube baits all produced good sized fish on rock piles and weed lines. Casey Dobbs released a chunky 17 1/2″ bass, Corey Katzung has learned a lot from poppa Gene, Corey released a massive 19” bass that usually wins biggest of the week except he didn’t see the Kyle Mc Neil aka “The Chicago Kid” in his rear-view mirror, Kyle released a giant 20″ bass that made father-in-law Tim Wuethrich Sr. very proud. 

We had another giant musky caught and released this week, Tim Wuethrich Sr. was using a top water bait bass fishing over a rocky reef when he hooked, landed, and released a 44″ beauty, very impressive Tim. 

A friendly reminder to purchase your license before arriving at camp, you can do it on line or just run up to Dutchies General Store and purchase it there along with anything else you might need. The Whiskey Jack Restaurant is the place to go for a great meal, stop in and let Laura and Graham do the cooking. That’s all for now this is Jim from Wabaskang. 

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