Week 15, 2023 August 26th – September 1st

Another week has passed us by here at Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. We are starting week 16 of our 19-week season. The water level on the lake continues to slowly drop but we are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to accommodate our remaining guests. Some rain in the forecast will help with the fire danger so we are thankful for that. Julie and I are hoping for plenty of snow this winter along with beneficial spring rains. 

Walleye fishing was really something last week. So many trophies being released along with plenty of 17” “eaters” being caught. Some of our guests caught the smaller walleyes using jigs and minnows or Lindy Rigs and minnows in 22’ of water. Best areas were around submerged boulder piles and gravel bars. Another exciting way to catch the giant walleyes was casting large tube baits or stick  baits like a Sandcat right at sunset along deep weed lines close to deep water, seems the big brutes would move into the weeds and go on a short feeding frenzy as the sun went down. Corn Hole Master Allyn Harms released a chunky 26″ walleye. Brett Langfritz was a bit off his game this week but he did release a nice 26 3/4″ walleye, maybe next season he can up his game and regain his top walleye angler status. Chad Heim released his 25 1/2″ walleye and he also treated Julie and I to a delicious meal of Prime Rib one night, thanks a bunch. Mike Lammers was in camp for his last trip of the season and he made the most of it. Him and his wife Kristy clearly have things figured out when it comes to catching and releasing giant walleyes. The two “Hate Birds” managed to spend enough time in the boat at sunset one night to see Mike release two 29″ walleyes and his wife Kristy release a giant 31″ walleye. Fishing weeds after sunset was the ticket for these two for sure. 

Northern fishing was decent this week with plenty of trophies being caught and released. A jig and minnow caught plenty of the toothy critters as well as more traditional baits like a Sandcat or Suick. Allyn Harms released his 37″ beauty he caught while walleye fishing, can you say dumb luck? Jeff Schmidt made his first fish of the week a great one, he released his 39″northern he caught while walleye fishing, can you say great skill and expertise! Carl Rieckenberg landed a chunky 39″ northern that was almost more than he could handle. Randy Block caught and released his 37″ beauty which put a big grin on his face. The biggest northern of the week was caught and released by Bruce Mowatt, his 42″ giant was easily the biggest in camp and won him a hat. 

Bass were hard to come by this week with many of our guests catching them while they were walleye fishing. Jig and a minnow worked well along with tube baits and crank baits. Brett Langfritz released his 18″ beauty as did Dave Ackers, both fellas deserve a big round of applause😜. 

Crappie fishing has been tough the last month if so but when things get tough Larry Dorenkamp gets going. Larry found crappies suspended over 20+ feet of water about half way down and was able to catch plenty. His biggest was a whopping 13”, great job Larry. 

We had two monster muskies caught and released this week. Once again Mike and Kristy Lammers were the talk of the camp. They fished areas strewn with boulders and had great success. Kristy caught her 40″ musky while doing a figure 8 at the boat. Mike caught his 44″ monster musky on a long cast over submerged boulder. Both fish were released after a quick picture, I think Mike and Kristy have found a new passion here on Wabaskang. 

Next week the weather is on a roller coaster so our guests will need to be prepared for hot temps early in the week and cold temps late in the week. Remember to get your license before arriving at camp and bring me a copy or I can copy it when you arrive. That’s all for now, this is Jim from Wabaskang

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