Week 12, 2017 August 5th – August 11th

Week 12 of our 2017 season was full of big fish and great stories, especially with Dave Fober’s group in camp. Our walleye fishing was steady with most of our guests catching plenty of “eater” sized fish in 9’ to 14’ of water right along the wed lines. The top bait was a spinner rig and worm or minnow. We also saw some bigger walleyes being caught and released from water as deep as 25’. Ken Hartling started things off this week with a chunky 20” walleye he released, Kenny’s son Jason also made us fresh homemade pizza one evening that was as good as it gets, thanks guys. Jay and Sara Gallery each had 21” walleyes this week and “old Timer” Dave Fober landed a chunky 23” walleye for his best of the week. Kevin Parker is always near the top of our leader board and this week his 27” walleye that was released looked almost unbeatable until Zach Raner rose from the ashes and pulled a gigantic 28-1/2” brute from a shallow weedy bay in Keynote lake, Zach and his father Tim wanted to thank their new friends in cabin 4 and 5 for all their advice and helpful tips, Zach is taking his trophy home to hang on the wall, great job Zach. Our crappie fishing this week was good particularly for the Traugh and Gallery families. Sara Gallery’s biggest crappie was 13” and Aimee Traugh brought in a crappie that measured 14-1/2”, one of the biggest of the season. Bass fishing has been good all season with crank baits or tube jigs being the top producers. Ernie Traugh released a chubby 18-1/2” bass and Trish Westerman and Kathy Jenkins each released bass around 19” long, great job ladies. The northern fishing was decent this week with many of our guests catching and releasing fish well over 30”. The best bait was a large stick bait or rubber “bull dog” style bait. Some of our guests even used a simple jig and minnow to catch the toothy critters. Ken Hartling released a 34” northern, Bob Compton released a 35-1/2” fish, Kathy Jenkins released a 38” brute but the big winner of the week was Ed Taylor, he released a 37”, a 37-1/2”, a 38”, a 39”, and a 40” monster, his personal best. Ed caught all his fish on the same gigantic lure that resembled a Burbot, great job Eddie. Next week promises more action and excitement so check things out again soon. Remember Hwy 502 to Dryden is under construction so your best route is east through Nester Falls, talk soon, this is Jim from Wabaskang.

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