Week 13, 2017 August 12th – 18th

Hello again from Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. Here we are already finished with week 13 of our 2017 season and there is only 6 more weeks to go. This was a great week of fishing here at camp, plenty of trophy fish caught and released by a group of trophy fishermen. Our northern fishing was very good as we saw over thirty fish released between 34” and 41 1/2”. By far the best bait was a Sandcat or Bulldog trolled or casted in 12’ to 30’ of water, any area on the lake with weeds close to deep water was a super-hot spot. Some of our guests also did very well trolling a simple spinner rig and minnow or jig and minnow along the weed edges to fool the toothy critters. Gerry Morse released a 33 1/2” northern, Sue Cabelinski out fished her husband Frank as usual with her 34” brute she released, little fella Brandon Heuer returned to camp for a second time this season and seems to be catching on to the knack of northern fishing, he released a 34” and a 36 1/2” northern to end the week on a high note, believe me he still has a long way to go to break out of “rookie” level. Kristy Lammers instructed her husband “Big Mike” where to go and she managed to release a beautiful 40” monster, Judy Becker returned to camp for the first time in many years but she still has what it takes and even though she was stuck with “Big Mike” all week she released a 41” pike to win top honors in the newly created “women’s division” this week, the hat looks great on you Judy. Marty Neihouser usually catches a few big northern and this week his best was a gigantic 41 1/4” trophy, not bad but not quite good enough because his pal Tim Wuethrich did him one better when he released a 41 1/2” torpedo, once again the “Indiana Boys” cleaned up on the “Channel Crew”, just ask Judy! Our walleye fishing was equally good this week with plenty of eaters and trophy fish being caught. Once again Judy Becker sprang to the top of the leader board when she landed a 26” walleye, her “boat boy” Mike was pouty the rest of the week. Paul Luecke was a first timer in camp but he catches on quickly and released a nice 26 1/2” walleye, Venita Bruns always catches great walleyes and she released a 27” beauty that was quickly crushed by her husband Bob who released a 28” monster walleye, no rivalry in that family, son Tim just drives the boat evidently. Brianna Wilson had a spectacular week here at camp, she released a 26 1/2” and a 28” walleye which most weeks would win her a hat but this week Marty Neihouser said no way Brianna when he released a gigantic 28 1/2” walleye, great job Mr. Grill Master! The bass fishing has been solid most of the season and this week was no exception, most of our guests are tossing top water lures and enjoying the exciting action. Tim Wuethrich caught more bass than the rest of the camp this week with his biggest being 18”, Dale Wilhelm drove all the way from Ohio to catch a trophy 18” bass, the biggest bass of the week was skillfully angled by Jason “Pontoon” Morse, he released a monster 19” bass to claim top honors and take home the free hat. Certainly, the biggest catch of the week was made by Paul Luecke, he asked his girlfriend Brianna Wilson to marry him and believe it or not she said yes, maybe a honeymoon here at camp in the “love shack” next season? Next week we have a camp loaded with seasoned regulars and Brett Langfritz so there should be plenty to chat about, for now this is Jim from Wabaskang.

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