Week 14, 2017 August 19th – 25th

Hello again from Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. Another week has come and gone so let’s take a look at what went on. Our walleye fishing was exceptional this week, eating sized fish and trophies as well. The top bait seemed to be a Lindy Rig and minnow combination. Other top producers were a white jig and minnow or crawler and as usual crank baits also produced some good fish. Susan Langfritz was stuck fishing with her husband Brett all week but she did manage to catch and release a 25” and 26 1/2” walleye, move over Brett looks like there is a new sheriff in town, Brett’s best walleyes he released were only a 25” and a 25 1/2”, too bad so sad. Tim Schaeffer released a chunky 24” walleye but who cares because his wife Kim released a 27” brute, seems the ladies came prepared to fish this week. Dan Roose released a 26” walleye but once again we saw his wife Terri crush his fish when she landed and released a 28 1/2” trophy walleye, keep trying Dan. Vernette Salge kept the ladies riding high as she released a 26” walleye, our biggest walleye of the week was caught and released by camp legend Allyn Harms, he released a whopper of a walleye, a beautiful 29 3/4” fish, I think Allyn might be ready to move into cabin #1 next season! The northern fishing was fast and furious, plenty of action on spinner baits, stick baits, live bait rigs, and tube baits, most of the big brutes were caught on the weed edges in 12’ to 14’ of water. We also had plenty of monster northern caught in deep water using a Lindy Rig or jig and minnow combination. Luke Brocka started things off this week when he released a chunky 30” fish, Doyle Brocka released a 30” northern as well, Sherri Boevers knows how to catch big northern and her 34 1/2” northern she released was quickly crushed by her husband Brian, he released a 40” and a 40 1/2” northern this week, Dan Roose released a chunky 36 1/2” northern which is a good fish for Dan, Allyn Harms always makes his presence known around camp and his 36 1/2” northern he released was evidently big news to him since he only told me about it five times in one night, Tim Schaeffer doesn’t like to brag but he did mention to us he released a 37” northern, Kevin Holm landed a solid 41” northern and was looking like he would take the top prize this week until “Old Timer” Bill Mincks came along and crushed Kevin’s fish with a whopping 43 1/2” monster northern he released, Bill’s fish left his wife Susan speechless! The bass fishing seemed to be spotty but some big fish were caught. Most of the bass were caught by our guests while they were walleye fishing in water around 24’ deep. A Lindy Rig and minnow or worm was the best bait by far. Harlan Kruse was usually the last boat out almost every day but he still managed to snag a chunky 18” bass he released after a quick “Facebook” picture, Dan Roose was the bass master this week, he released a 19” bass and a 19 1/4” bass to win the free hat for the week. We had a beautiful 27 3/4” trout caught this by Gene Thomas, he was fishing in Aerobus Bay and hooked his fish in about 25’ of water, nice catch Gene. Kyle Lerum made the list this week with his 13” crappie he caught down in Keynote lake, very few crappies caught in the last few weeks but Kyle managed to find one! Next week should be an interesting week since we have a camp loaded with self-proclaimed experts and Big Mike makes his return for one last trip. Remember highway 502 has some construction going on right now so the route through Nester Falls might be a better choice. We will chat again next week, this is Jim from Wabaskang.

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