Week 15, 2017 August 26th – September 1st

Hello again from Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. Another great week here at camp with plenty of decent fish being caught and released and lots of “eater” sized fish sizzling in the fry pan. Our walleye have begun to move to deeper water now following the huge schools of bait fish. Most of the larger walleyes are being caught on Lindy Rigs and a simple jig and minnow combination. White seems to be the color of choice by our jig fishermen this week although a blue or silver jig also produced well. Danny Roose seems to have finally broke his “Ranger” curse and has been catching some good fish consistently, he jumped onto the leader board when he released a chunky 24” walleye, Terri Roose not only keeps Danny in line but she also knows how to catch walleye, she released a 25” fish to put Dan in his place. Roger Luhring almost always catches a huge walleye and his 26” walleye was looking pretty good until Mike Lammers came along and crushed him by releasing a 27 1/2” brute he caught evening fishing in Mcloud Bay. Tim Primus made his first trip to camp but with the watchful eye of “Big Mike” he boated and released a nice 26” walleye, his biggest ever—-that’s really sad! The northern fishing is moving into a fall pattern now with big baits worked along deep weed edges close to deep water catching most of the big brutes. Brian Boevers had two 40” plus northern released a week earlier but this week his best was only 36”, still a nice fish. Susan Langfritz caught one of her biggest northern ever, she released a 37” brute. Bill Mincks released a 43 1/2” northern last week to win the free hat but this week his best was only 35 1/2”, keep trying Bill. Tim Primus fished with “Big Mike” all week and he did catch his personal best northern, he released a 37 1/2” monster no credit to Mike. Kevin Reints also was fishing with Mike this week but he still managed to catch a chunky 39” northern. The biggest northern of the week was once again caught and released by my brother Mike, his 40 1/2” fish wins the hat and gets him out of here for the rest of the season, five trips are enough for anyone! Bass fishing was spotty this week with most fish being caught while fishing deep water for walleyes. Brett Langfritz was grabbing at straws this week wanting to make the board so he informed me about the 16” bass he released, that’s laughable Brett. Susan Mincks released an 18 1/2’ bass to keep husband Bill in his place. Tim Primus once again made the board with his personal best bass, a chunky 18” fish, Roger Luhring caught a nice 18” bass as well, he would rather catch big walleyes though. The big bass of the week was released by Dave Schaller, his third trip to camp this season and he finally walks away with a hat, he released a 19” brute that gave him one great memory, good job Dave. Next week we move into the home stretch with only four weeks left to our fishing season but usually the last weeks see plenty of big fish so check us out next week, this is Jim from Wabaskang.

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