Week 16, 2017 September 2nd – September 8th

September greetings from Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. Week number 16 of our 2017 season has come and gone so let’s chat a little bit about what went on. The walleye fishing has been a challenge the last few weeks with good days and bad days. The fish are transitioning from mid-range depths and rock piles to deep water where the bait fish are located. Some days our guests caught fish in 15’ of water and some days the best fishing was in 28’ of water. The best bait seems to be a jig and minnow or a Lindy rig and minnow combination. “Crazy” Craig Mericle was in camp again this week, unfortunately, and he started things off with a chunky 24” walleye he released, Joel Demro was very excited to tell me about his 25” beauty he released, Joel got even more excited when his buddy Joe Hill hooked into a 29 3/4” trophy walleye, Joe is taking his monster home to hang on the wall, great fish Joe. Bass fishing has changed to a Fall pattern now with almost all the big bass being caught in water deeper than 25’, the bass are hitting minnows or crawlers drug along the bottom on a Lindy Rig or bottom bouncer. Craig and Kady Mericle both caught and released 18” “stinkin” bass, Kady’s fish was probably bigger than Craig’s fish but Craig does the measuring! Logan and Tim Wuethrich caught plenty of 17” plus bass this week but Logan put his dad Tim in his place by catching and releasing a chunky 18 1/2” bass, most of the bass caught by these two fellas were caught casting rock piles versus our other guests who caught their fish in deep water. The northern fishing was better this week than last week and we saw plenty of slot sized fish released all week. The best lures were Sandcats, Bulldogs, Mepps Spinners, and Reef Hogs, the best color seemed to be anything that resembled a sucker fish. Joel Demro had a great week and his 37” northern he released kept a creepy smile on his face all week, Logan Wuethrich released plenty of big northern with his biggest being 38”, Tim Wuethrich takes his fishing very serious and he expects to win the big fish of the week every time he is in camp, this week his 41 1/2” brute was tops for the week and won him a fish towel, last month when he was here he caught a 41 1/2” northern that crushed Judy Becker from the top spot and do you think he is just using the same photo to win each week? I bet Judy “fish in the box” Becker thinks so! Next week we will have a camp full of “regulars” so expect big things from our guests, Larry Dufel, Steve Rathe, Scott Willms, Chuck Zender, and Rich Snodgrass all have big groups returning to camp so we should see plenty of action all week long. For now, this is Jim from Wabaskang, we will chat again next week!

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