Week 18, 2018 September 15th – 21st

Hello again from Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. Week 18 of our season was a week of rain, wind, and cold temperatures. The bigger walleyes have moved to deep water now but the shallower water still holds decent numbers of eater sized fish. Our guests had decent luck using a spinner rig tipped with a minnow or night crawler. Many of the big walleyes were caught in water over 25’ deep. Steve Irish was the guide for his group this week and judging by the results he is out of a job next season, Harlan Kruse and Doyle Brocka each caught fish around 19 1/2”, nice catch Harlan, kind of small for you Doyle. Rob Nelson landed a chunky 23 3/4” walleye, Vern Hanus also released a 23 3/4” walleye, the biggest walleye of the week was caught by none other than camp legend Brett Langfritz, Brett is one of the top walleye fishermen we have here each season at camp so we were not surprised when he released a beautiful 24 1/4” fish. Bass fishing has slowed some but we did see some nice fish being caught and released. The bass have also moved deep now and can be caught with a jig and minnow just like the walleyes. Harlan Kruse was the big winner of the week when it comes to bass fishing, he released a chunky 17 1/4” brute that had his buddy Doyle pouting the rest of the week. Our northern fishing was good some days and poor some days. The biggest fish were caught using Sandcats or Bulldogs. Gene Katzung released a chunky 31” northern he caught on one of his own handmade spinner rigs, Gene and his wife Darlene were out fishing everyday even though the weather kept many of our guests in their cabins during the worst of the weather. Brian Brown released a 36 1/2” northern which really had him excited. The biggest northern of the week was released by camp “has been” Harlan Kruse, his 39 1/2” monster was all he could handle but he managed to get it into the boat and released it after a quick picture, another fish that had his cousin Doyle looking on in envy. We have one more week to go here at camp and snow is in the forecast, not what our guests want to hear! For now, this is Jim from Wabaskang.

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