Week 4, 2019 June 8th – 14th

Here we are again, another great week has come and gone and we have plenty to chat about. Week number four was a week that started off with plenty of rain, over two inches, and finished with an abundance of sun. The walleye bite has been consistent all season long and this week was no exception. Most of our guests are fishing shallow water close to points and deep-water edges to catch their walleyes. The best bait seems to be a jig and minnow or a spinner rig and minnow. Some of our guests used night crawlers and had good success as well. Another good producer was small crank baits like a Ripple Shad or Shad Rap. Colton Petrasek started things off for “Team” Petrasek when he caught a 24” walleye, Dan Edeker also managed to catch and release a chunky 24” walleye, the real super star this week when it comes to walleye fishing was none other than Pete Sauer, oops he wasn’t even here this week and he wouldn’t have caught a big walleye anyway. I guess the big walleye of the week goes to “Big Mike”, he released a chunky 27 1/2” walleye that might be the start to his much anticipated come back here at camp. Northern fishing had some good days and some slow days. Our guests were trying just about everything in their tackle boxes to tempt the big brutes but it was a tough sell to the trophy fish. Lucky Dave Schaller released a 36” fish he caught while walleye fishing with light tackle, Lance Petrasek released a 38” fish. Brandon Heuer was in camp fishing with my brother “Big Mike”, but still managed to expertly land and release an enormous 41 1/4” northern that should have won the top honors for the week but as usual “Big Mike” felt the need to wipe that big smile from Brandon’s face by catching and releasing a 41 3/4” northern, Brandon did mention Mike measured the fish very quickly and tossed it back before anyone else in the boat could see the tape measure so I will let my faithful followers make up their own mind on who really deserves the big fish of the week award. Seems Mike is pulling out all the stops to make the leader board this season. Pete Sauer also landed a nice northern this week, oops I guess he was a no show again and actually wasn’t even in camp this week. Bass fishing has been keeping our guest busy all season and this week we saw plenty of big fish released. Most of our guests are using tube jigs or medium sized crank baits to catch the might fish. Rob Roose released a 17” bass but nobody cares, Tom Streiff released a chunky 17 1/2” bass, great job Tom.  Andy Roose was making his first trip to camp and he released a beautiful 18 1/4” bass that looked like it might be the camp winner but along came Trenton Thiel who caught and released a feisty 18 1/2” bass he caught while fishing with “Big Mike” one early morning, surprised Mike didn’t want part of the credit but it didn’t matter because super star Pete Sauer released a gigantic, oops he wasn’t even on the water this week or in camp but who cares anyway since Cade Williams beat everyone in camp when he released a chunky 19” bass, great job Cade! Crappie fishing is still amazing our guests here at Wabaskang Camp, most of the fish are being caught in Keynote Lake, Moose Bay, and Aerobus Bay. The bait of choice is a slip bobber with a tiny minnow or a tiny tube jig tossed into shore and slowly worked back to the boat. Dan Edeker is always close to winning but as usual this week his 12” crappie was crushed by fishing super star Sam Wilson, he managed to catch a chunky 13 1/2” crappie to win top honors for the week. Next week looks like more mild weather and cooler temps so I don’t think the fishing will change very much. Remember you can print your fishing license from home if you wish or run up to Dutchies General Store or Rainbow Point Store and grab one there as well as do a little shopping. We do sell licenses here at camp as well. Remember to check out the Whiskey Jack Restaurant just 200 yards north of our driveway, great food and friendly hosts will make you glad you stopped in, they can serve you up with a great breakfast before you come to camp Friday or Saturday morning. For now, this is Jim from Wabaskang. 

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