Week 5, 2019 June 15th – 21st

Another great week of fishing here at Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. The walleye bite continues to stay shallow in depths from 4’ to 10’ and not much deeper. The fish are enjoying a mayfly hatch that is keeping them shallow even during the high sun and warmth of the afternoons. The best bait seems to be a jig and minnow or a spinner rig and crawler, a slip bobber is also working very well. Shad Raps and twister tails will catch walleye too since the fish are staying shallow and are easy to find. Texan Les Jones started things off this week when he landed and released a 23 1/2” walleye, Ron Peterson and his wife Ann both released 23” walleye they caught on night crawlers, Glenn Grooters released a 24” walleye, Dylan Whaley was the top walleye fisherman in his gang , he caught a 24” walleye, Scott Hamann released a 25” and 26” walleye to give the Hamann family some bragging rights. Russ Nielsen celebrated his birthday by catching a 26” walleye.  The Stankewicz family had a great week here at camp, Dave was so excited to tell us about his measly 27” walleye but hold on the little fella, your brother Todd slammed you once again when he skillfully landed and released a 28 1/4” monster walleye, great job Todd, you not so much Dave. Northern fishing is about to explode here at camp, were seeing plenty of slot fish now so the real monsters should be putting on the fed bag anytime now. Our guests are throwing just about everything in their tackle boxes at the toothy critters and are having good action on spoons, jigs, crank baits, and tube jigs. Bob Howard was first on the board this week when he released a chunky 29” northern. Dave Hamann struck pay dirt when he landed and released a 31” brute. The top northern of the week was released by Dave Steffen, his 34” pig was good enough to beat all the other anglers in camp, great job Dave. Bass fishing was solid again this week with plenty of trophies being released. Crank baits and tube jigs were the top producers along with a simple bobber and worm. Dan Howard started things off when he released a 17 3/4” bass and thought his fish was really something until his son Bob came along and crushed Dan’s fish by catching and releasing a gigantic 18 1/2” bass, great fish Bob. Crappie fishing has slowed some but we are still seeing dozens of fish come in each day. Tom Hardin caught a 11 3/4” crappie but once again fishing super-star Todd Stankewicz had the biggest crappie in camp, a beautiful 13 1/2” fish, didn’t see your brother Dave catch a single crappie this week but that doesn’t surprise me much. We are finally seeing some decent weed growth around the lake and Summer has arrived so we should have some impressive northern to talk about next week. Remember we do sell fishing licenses here at camp or you can run up to Dutchies General Store or Rainbow Point Store and do a little shopping while they fix you up with whatever you need. The Whiskey Jack Restaurant is serving breakfast now Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings so start your day off right and let the folks up at the restaurant do the cooking, they also have great sandwiches, fries, and out of this world pizza! Next week looks like another dry and cooler than normal temperature week so our guests should have plenty of quality time on the water. There is some road work taking place on highway 502 so an alternative route would be the road through Nester Falls, a good road and passing lanes will help you make up for the extra few miles. For now, this is Jim from Wabaskang.

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