Week 6, 2019 June 22nd – 28th

Greetings from Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. Week number 6 of our 2019 season was a week of decent fishing and hot weather. Our guests did particularly well on trout this week. The best bite was in Aerobus Bay and in water around 45’ deep. A blue and silver spoon trolled at that depth brought great results. Chris Hand and Jeff Jutting combined their talents to catch a feisty 29” trout, Andy Lowes quickly crushed Chris and Jeff’s fish when he caught a 29 1/4” trout, Braden Lowes caught a 27” trout, Austin Coy caught a chunky 25 1/2” trout, Joel Minett caught a trout too small to even mention, Mark Nihoris caught a decent trout, a nice 24” fish. The biggest trout of the week was caught by Jason Deber, he landed a beautiful 33 1/4” monster to take top honors for the week. Our walleye fishing remained solid this week with plenty of decent fish being caught on twister tails, crank baits, and minnow or crawler rigs. The fish are still relatively shallow with most being caught in 10’ of water or less. The morning bite and evening bite was the best but during the heat of the day the fish could still be caught if you fished on the weed edges and right on the bottom. Braden Lowes always catches big fish and his 26” walleye that he released was looking pretty good until Brett Butler came along and released a 27” walleye that he was very proud of. The super hero when it comes to walleye fishing this week was Audrey Lowes, she skillfully landed and released a trophy 27 1/2” fish to crush the “boys” in her group, great job Audrey——-keep trying guys. Northern fishing has picked up from the previous weeks and is keeping our guests busy with plenty of feisty 23” and up fish. The best bait seems to be soft bodied baits like a medium sized brown or green tube jig, spoons, crank baits, or the jig and minnow rig. Keynote produced big numbers this week with plenty of fish over 27” being caught and released by our guests. Cade Sandager came all the way from Florida to fish with us and he started things off when he caught and released a 31” northern. Dave Pickle started fast this week when he caught and released a 33” and 34” northern his first day fishing. Dave also had something to do with the destroyed tail light on the boat trailer during launching but his father Sam would have to explain that.  Jason and Rose Deber had a decent week of fishing they released 34” and a 29” northern. Deb Mardis released a 34” trophy she caught while trolling Sandcats in deep water. Bodie Inselman is really learning the ropes around here and his 27” released northern really put a smile on his face but his brother Zayden is still the champ around these parts because the 37” brute he caught casting musky baits was tops for the week and earned him the free hat, great job Zayden. Our bass fishing is second to none and our guests proved it this week. The best baits were top water plugs, twister tails, and shallow running crank baits. Mark Nihoris calls Tennessee home but he sure can catch nice bass here at Wabaskang as well, he released a chunky 18” bass to get things started but his wife Deb quickly crushed his efforts when she caught and released a 19” brute. Ryan Inselman caught plenty of “top water” bass this week, his biggest being around 19”. Will Lowes released a 19” bass, Chris Hand released a 19” bass this week to impress his buddy Jeff, brothers Bodie and Zayden Inselman are probably the youngest accomplished fishermen we have in camp, they compete from day one but this week both boys best bass were 18” so we will call it a draw this season. The biggest bass of the week was caught and released by Joel Minett, his 19 1/2” monster bass was tops for the week and earned him bragging rights for the season in his group, great job Joel, sure feels good to crush father Brent doesn’t it? Crappie fishing was spotty this week but we did see some nice catches during the week. The biggest crappie of the week was caught by camp legend Charlie Zender, he used to be a northern pike man but now in his golden years crappie fishing is more his speed, he released a 14” slab crappie to win the top honors for the week, great job Old Timer. Next week looks like more warm weather and not much for rain chances, the lake is in great shape with water levels being above normal right now. Remember we do still do licenses here at camp but you can pick them up at Dutchies or Rainbow Point Store just up the road and save a bit of time when you get here, both stores also carry just about anything you may need if you forgot it at home. The Whiskey Jack Restaurant is open for breakfast Friday, Saturday, and Sundays plus every day except Monday for great pizza, sandwiches, and even steaks so stop in if you have a chance. For now, this is Jim from Wabaskang. 

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