Week 11, 2019 July 27th – August 2nd

Hello again from Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. Week number 11 of our 2019 season was a week of heat and humidity along with a few heavy thunderstorms. Our guests are catching most of their walleyes in 10’ to 14’ of water right along the weed lines. Many of the eater sized fish are hitting spinner rigs tipped with a piece of worm or small minnow, the bigger brutes are hitting medium sized crank baits and jigs tipped with a medium sized minnow. Our guests also saw some decent action while trolling deep open water over schools of bait fish in the late evenings. Anita Bray landed a chunky 22 1/2” walleye, Brittnee Benjamin caught a 23” walleye, Eugene Kremer also caught a nice 23” walleye. The biggest walleye of the week was caught by Dan Willer, he landed and released a beautiful 26” fish to take top honors for the week. Our northern fishing here on Wabaskang saw lots of mid-slot sized fish being released last week. Many of the fish were actually caught while my guests were walleye fishing along the weed lines. A jig and minnow were a great bait for the toothy critters. We also had plenty of slot fish caught while deep water trolling once again in the evening over schools of bait fish. Craig Jennings has a new boat and I’m sure it helped him catch and release his 32” northern, Sherry Green landed and released a chunky 32” northern, her personal best. Chad Willer released a 34” northern, Chad Peterson released a 33 1/2” fish. The biggest northern of the week was caught and released by Geoff Bray, he caught his trophy while trolling the deep water in front of camp late one evening, his fish was a whopping 37 1/2” long, he released his monster to fight another day. Bass fishing was great for the guests who had the secret lure, Chad Peterson did release a fat 18” bass for tops in camp for the week but his brother Todd caught 10 bass to every 1 fish Chad caught! what’s the secret lure you ask? I can’t tell it’s a secret. We did have a few crappies caught this week, the biggest being 13 1/2” long, it was caught by Kenny Kremer, great job Kenny. Next week looks like more stormy weather but we are seeing more late summer patterns now and hopefully our guests will finally get some stable weather to get the fish going big time. Remember to plan a meal or two at the Whiskey Jack Restaurant just up the road, great food and great atmosphere. We are still having issues with our licensing system so a trip to Dutchies or Rainbow Point store will save you some time, also both stores have plenty of interesting items you may want to purchase for your loved ones back home. Julie will be heading to Iowa next week and will be gone the week starting Saturday the 17th so please try to get your licenses before you get here as I will be very busy checking our guests out on boat safety and other Saturday chores. For now, this is Jim from Wabaskang. 

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