May 21, 2020 Border Update Covid-19

Greetings from Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. The Canadian Prime Minister announced he has made the decision the extend the U.S.-Canadian border closing for another 30 days. We had hoped to be able to have camp open for our guests starting Saturday the 20th of June but this will no longer be possible. We have made the decision to cancel three more weeks of the season which will set our new target date for opening camp Saturday July 11th. The border restrictions for non-essential travel may expire June 21st now and many camps may be able to open on or shortly after that date but many of those camps have owner/operators that are already on site and have been able to prepare their camps for opening. We believe that the July 11th date is realistic for us to have the camp ready to go if the border does open up to tourism on the 21st of June. I will be contacting all our guests with reservations during the affected weeks to explain the situation and discuss options. Julie and I want to express our sincere gratitude to all our guests that have been so understanding during these unprecedented times. Stay safe and God Bless, Jim and Julie

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