July 5th 2020 fishing season update

Hello to all our friends of Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. The U.S./Canadian border will remain closed to non-essential travel through July 31st now and if it does open after that then anyone crossing into Ontario will have to self-quarantine for 15days if they cross anytime in August which means we will be cancelling all our August guest reservations. I will contact our guests with August reservations to explain the situation and discuss options on your deposit and cabin reservations for next season. We are still holding on to a sliver of hope to be able to see our September guests but we realize that realistically that may not happen. We will be heading to camp soon to self-quarantine for 15 days and begin working on general maintenance that needs to be done around camp. We appreciate all our guests that have been so understanding and patient during these crazy times, we know how much our guests enjoy their annual trips to camp and wish things were different. Science will eventually solve this virus and we will all be able to enjoy the freedoms we so dearly miss. Please do your part to stay safe and healthy, God Bless, Jim and Julie

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