Christmas 2020

A warm holiday greeting to all our friends from Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp.  

We know all of us have been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, some have lost friends and loved ones, family members and co-workers and we pray for all of you. God bless those of you that contracted the virus and made a full recovery. To those that haven’t contracted the virus please stay safe and think positive while we all wait for a reliable vaccine or treatment.  

This crazy year was our 21st season owning and operating the camp and we really missed not seeing each and every one of you. The U.S. border with Canada closed to non-essential travel in early 2020 and as of today remains closed. The decision on how and when to reopen the border is being carefully studied and discussed by health experts from both countries with the safety of everyone being the top priority. Science will eventually catch up to this terrible virus but until then we must all be patient and do our part to stay safe.  

Julie and I arrived in camp July 10th, we followed strict protocols and self-isolated for 14 days. We were monitored by Canadian Health Officials and their concern and assistance was greatly appreciated. After our quarantine ended, we were able to go out and purchase supplies and even venture out on the lake. A mask mandate was issued later in the summer and was suggested in all indoor environments. We felt very safe knowing everyone was doing their part to keep us all safe and help prevent the spread of the virus. The border remains closed as of today due to the increasing number of cases in the U. S. and will remain closed until that number decreases substantially.  

The Summer turned to Fall and we were able to complete many camp projects along the way. I completely rebuilt the main crib that attaches to the ramp and floating dock. The old crib was almost 20 years old and had many rotten timber’s and needed new decking, the new crib will easily last 30 years and was a great project to take on with no guests in camp. Julie painted cabins 7, 8, & 9 and I stained cabin 11. We also found time to replace the kitchens in cabins 7, 8, and 11 with new cabinets and countertops along with new double stainless-steel sinks. I also upgraded the bathrooms with new tall toilets. All three cabins also received electrical upgrades and new floors. With this accomplished we decided to replace the floors in cabin 6 and the guides shack to give both cabins a fresh new look.  

As the season wore on Julie and I did manage to slip away and pick blueberries and, on a few occasions even did some fishing, the first time we have done these two things together during the season in 20 years.  

We want to thank all of our guests for being so patient and understanding this past season. Rest assured your reservations are being moved to next season and we hope and pray we are able to see you all again.  

We plan on updating our website with any pertinent information as it becomes available regarding next season, we are hopeful for a full season next year but realize things are constantly changing and there is no way to predict what might happen.  

Julie and I want to wish all of you a safe and joyous holiday season and let’s all do our part to stay safe and healthy and be kind to everyone.  

Seasons Blessings, 

Jim and Julie 

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