Week 14, 2022 August 20th – 26th

Another great week here at Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. Week 14 of the 2022 season is in the books so let’s talk about the great fishing our guests enjoyed. The northern fishing is really picking up now with plenty of trophy sized fish being caught in water 16’ to 24’ which is about the same depths the walleyes are coming from. Many of our guests caught their trophy’s using a Lindy Rig and minnow while fishing for walleyes. Another great method was casting large stick baits and crank baits or spoons. Stan Wubbena struggled to stay awake past 7pm each night but he was on his game during the day, he released a chunky 35” northern on day one, Dan Roose managed to catch and release a nice 35” fish- – – about time. Jason Christensen came to camp with a beautiful new boat, his biggest northern released this week was a 35 1/2” brute, wonder how much per inch that fish cost? Luke Brocka managed to catch and release a decent 36” northern in spite of fishing with “Poppa” Doyle and “Sleepy” Stan all week. Rob Lerum released a 36 1/4” brute that impressed wife Laura- – -not. Brian Boevers has a new boat as well and he released a 36 1/2” northern but his son in law Kevin Luhring released a 36″ brute and Brian’s wife Sherri stole the show because she released a 36″ and a beautiful 38″ northern, looks like there is a new “pro” in Brian’s boat. Travis Holm released a 37″ northern he caught casting large spoon, Doyle Brocka released a 36″ and 38″ northern he caught fishing Lindy Rigs, his days of casting for the big brutes have obviously passed him by a long time ago. Susan and Brett Langfritz stay with us every season and they usually have their names on the board multiple times, this week Susan released a 36″ brute only time see husband Brett crush her fish when he released a massive 40″ monster, the biggest of the week in camp, no big deal for Brett. Our walleye fishing has been solid all season and this week was no exception. About half our guests are using Lindy Rigs and most of the others are using jigs or spinners and minnow combinations. Depth is 16′ to 24′ just like the northern but a slower presentation seems to work best. Travis Holm started things off this week when he released a chunky 24 1/2″ walleye, Doyle Brocka accidentally caught and released a 25″ walleye, but was easily crushed by son Luke who caught and released many trophies this week, his biggest being 27″. Seems Luke catches more fish when Doyle and Stan aren’t in the boat to bother him. Jack Langfritz fished more hours this week than anyone else, he was excited to release a chunky 26″ walleye on the second day of his trip. Allyn Harms returned to camp again this season- – unfortunately, but he did release a 26″ and a 27″ walleye so maybe he is finally learning something from Danny and Brett. We had two 27 1/2″ walleyes caught and released this week, one by Curt Lerum who caught his trophy in almost the same spot his late wife caught hers years ago. Maybe she had something to do with his good luck. Susan Langfritz released her 27 1/2″ walleye after a quick picture, she seems to be slowly taking over the top spot in the “Team Langfritz ” boat. Only a few bass anglers in camp this week but we did have some very nice fish released. Kim Schaeffer released a monster 19″ bass she caught in spite of fishing with husband Tim. Bill Mincks loves to cast and he released a 18 1/2″ and a 19 1/2″ bass to win top honors for the week, wife Sue usually beats Bill but he has to get lucky once in a while. Plenty of rain again in week 14 but the forecast looks like dryer weather is on the way. Remember to get your license before arriving in camp and no poultry or live bait allowed over the border from the U.S. so pick up what you need after you cross. Dutchies General Store sells licenses as well as bait, groceries, and your favorite adult beverages, Rainbow Point store also can fix you up with many if your needs. The Whiskey Jack Restaurant is a great place to visit, let Laura and Graham do the cooking, remember your supposed to be on vacation😜. That’s all for now this is Jim from Wabaskang 

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