Week 15, 2022 August 27- September 2

Another great week here at Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. Week 15 saw plenty of sunshine and beautiful sunsets along with a few evenings when our guests enjoyed seeing the Northern Lights. The water level in Wabaskang continues to slowly fall and is in great shape for the rest of the season. Our guests are catching plenty of “eaters” and trophies as well. Northern fishing was fast and furious again this week with most of the big brutes being caught on large lures like Sandcat, Suicks, Mepps #5 spinners, and giant tube baits like Sluggos and Bulldogs. The bigger fish are moving into the weed edges from deep water and are vulnerable to a large artificial bait. Craig Schweer was new to camp this week but he made Sue and Lee, his parents proud when he landed a beautiful 38 1/2″ fish. Carl Rieckenberg muscled a giant 39″ brute to the boat, his biggest ever. Duane Rieckenberg released a 37 1/2″ northern he caught on light tackle while walleye fishing, it gave him all he could handle. Brett Langfritz released his 36″ northern he caught using a Lindy Rig while fishing for walleyes as well. Allyn and Bev Harms spent part of a second week with us this season probably just to torment me but Allyn did release a 37″ northern that landed him in a solid 23rd place for the week, too bad so sad. Tim Everding caught and released a chunky 35″ northern, his fish came on light tackle as well. Mike and Kristy Lammers, we’re back in camp again this week and they had phenomenal northern fishing, Kristy released a 36″, 36 1/2″, 37″, 39″, 39 1/2″ all the same day and later in the week a giant 40 1/2″ Northern, her husband “Big Mike” also enjoyed the same crazy time as her the same day, he released a 36″, 38″, (2) 39 1/2″, 40″, and later in the week a giant 41″ monster to take top honors for the week. Almost all their fish were caught on big Musky baits both trolling and casting. Walleye fishing has moved from weed edges to deeper humps and rock piles for bigger fish with the “eaters” still being caught on the deeper edges of the weed lines. A jig and minnow or crawler worked well along with spinners and bottom bouncers using the same bait choices. Colors that worked consistently were white, blue, red, or black. Bruce Mowatt released a 26″ walleye the very first day he was in camp. Mike Lammers released a 27″ walleye that is small by his standards. Allyn Harms managed to catch and release a 27″ walleye he thought was pretty special but of course his fish was eventually crushed by Sue Schweer, she landed a massive 29 1/2″ trophy that is going home to hang in the wall. Bass fishing was very good this week but all the bass were caught in deep water while fishing for walleyes. Minnows or crawlers caught many big brutes in depths generally 18′ to 27′. Susan Langfritz released a pair of 18″ beauties, Allyn Harms released a bass that was 18″ but his fish was once again crushed by his skillful wife Bev, she landed and released a 19″ brute to quickly knock Allyn back down to reality, way to go Bev. Mike Lammers found time between releasing monster pike to catch and release a decent 18 1/2″ bass only to see wife Kristy once again spoil his fun when she landed and released a 19″ bass, it tied with Bev’s fish for the biggest of the week, chalk one up for the ladies in camp. Next week looks like more mild weather which usually means great fishing. Remember still no poultry products from home into Canada and no live bait of any kind so pick up what you need after you cross. Remember to get your licenses before you get to camp as we are not issuing them here at camp this season. That’s all I have for now; this is Jim from Wabaskang 

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