Week 12, 2018 August 4th – 10th

Another week has come and gone here at Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. Week number 12 is in the books so let’s talk about what went on. Once again, the hot weather was a factor when it came to catching walleyes, early and late was the best on sunny days but when the weather did cool briefly mid-week the fish seemed to bite all day. Depth was all over the place when it came to catch the walleyes, ten feet for some and 25 feet for others, generally the bigger fish were in the deeper water. Spinner rigs and minnow or crawlers were by far the best bait to have. We had a camp full of youngsters this week and they seemed to out-fish their parents most days, little Malina Fober caught a 21” walleye, little Grace Fober caught a 23” walleye, and little Jason Hartling caught a 20 1/2” walleye, good job kids! Our seasoned veterans in camp also had a good week, Deane Fober landed a 24 1/2” fish, Ed Taylor released 25” walleye he caught while trolling deep water humps using a huge musky style bait, Corey Katzung was the big winner this week, he landed a 26” walleye that was almost as impressive as his catch a few seasons ago when Lil agreed to marry him, not sure what the fish or Lil see in him. Northern fishing saw plenty of slot sized fish being released, Ed Taylor had a great week of northern fishing, his best was 35 1/2” but he had several fish between 28” and 35” all week, he was the first boat out every morning and it paid off for him, Ed’s technique was to troll deep water humps with a Burbot imitation rubber bait similar to a Bulldog lure, he is definitely hooked on trolling for big fish. Ernie Traugh release a 36” northern, his wife Aimee out-fished him once again when she released a 38” brute, I’m not surprised. Dave Stark released plenty of slot northern this week, his personal best was a chunky 32 1/2” fish, Joe Reese released a 33 1/2” fish as well. Deb Watkins is a real trooper, it took her a few years, but she landed and released her biggest northern ever here at Wabaskang, a beautiful 36 1/2” fish. The biggest northern of the week was caught and released by “old Timer” Ken Hartling, he released a 40 1/2” brute that I believe he caught on a Sandcat, great job Kenny, I bet “pizza boy” Jason was really impressed. Crappie fishing seemed to improve this week as well, all the crappies were caught in Keynote Lake on a minnow or worm rig. Dave Fober will catch anything to get on the board and his 13” crappie was good enough for second place this week, but Grace Fober once again put all the adults to shame when she landed an13 1/2” beauty, biggest of the week and good for the free hat, great job Grace. Bass fishing also seemed to pick up this week with plenty of decent fish being caught, most were caught while fishing for walleyes in water around twelve feet deep. Paul Augustin made the board with his 17” bass, he sure was proud but was quickly crushed by Jason Hartling’s 18 1/2” bass, too bad so sad Paul. The biggest bass of the week was caught by Doug Katzung, he landed a gigantic 19” bass that was his biggest ever, great catch Doug, showed the rest of the gang how it’s done! Next week looks like very hot temperatures then a sudden cool down so let’s see how “Big Mike” and the “Indiana “Boys” will handle the tough fishing conditions. That’s all for now, this is Jim from Wabaskang.

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