Week 13, 2018 August 11th – 17th

August greetings from Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. Another great week of fishing has come and gone, it seems the weeks are really going by fast now. We are still waiting for the rains to return to our area, the lake is low but still no problems getting around. The northern bite was very good on week 13, big brutes and feisty “eaters” were the norm. Most of our guests were casting big stick baits like Sandcats, Suicks, and Reef Hogs. Other baits that worked well were Bull Dogs, large spinner baits, and tube baits. Although many big fish were caught casting deep weeds or rock piles, another hot bite was working the deep-water humps by letting your lure sink to the bottom then twitch it back to the boat. Brandon Heuer was back in camp this week, his biggest northern of the week was only 35” but that was not bad considering he had an anchor tied around his neck all week called “Big Mike.” Seth Neihouser released a chunky 36” northern, Marty Neihouser had boat motor issues but that’s nothing new, he did manage to catch and release a 38” brute, Tim Wuethrich, Timmy Jr., and Logan Wuethrich all released northern over 39” this week, seems catching big fish must be in the Wuethrich blood. Kristy Lammers released a 40” monster, she also managed to walk our two pups over three miles every day! The big northern of the week was caught and released by none other than “Big Mike”, his 44” fish was caught while working a musky bait in 30’ of water, he still manages to find an old and blind fish once in a while. Walleye fishing was solid as well on week 13, most big fish were caught in 20’ to 30’ of water and the “eaters” were caught along the weed line in about 12’ of water. Spinner rigs with a minnow worked well along with jig and minnow combinations. Silver spinners were the best and white jigs seemed to out fish any other color. Frank Cebelinski started things off with a chunky 24” walleye, Tim Wuethrich released a pair of 25” fish, “Big Mike’s” best walleye was a scrawny 26” fish, he released it after a quick picture and a “too bad so sad” look from wife Kristy, Kristy released a 28” monster walleye that was tied for top honors of the week with Marty Neihouser’s 28” walleye, next season we will have you two go head to head for “top dog” honors. Seth Neihouser did release a chunky 27” walleye but not quite big enough to win the hat, too bad so sad. Bass fishing was tough this week with most of the big bass being caught in deep water while fishing with live bait for walleyes. Tim Wuethrich always makes the leader board for bass and he catches his fish the old-fashioned way by getting up at sunrise and casting top water baits over the rock piles and weed lines. his biggest released was 18 1/2” and was good enough for third place, Steve Morse caught a chunky 18 3/4” bass, Logan Wuethrich was awake long enough to catch and release a chunky 18 1/4” bass, Seth Neihouser released a 17 1/2” bass, Sue Cebelinski was very proud to release her 17” bass, Paul Luecke landed and released a 17 1/2” bass only to see his fiancée Brianna crush his measly fish with a monster 19” trophy which was quickly released., better get used to getting “showed-up” by Brianna because it seems to happen every year. Next week looks hot and dry but I know my guests will still have plenty of action to report to me, for now this is Jim from Wabaskang.

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