Week 14, 2018 August 18th – 24th

Hello to all our friends of Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. Another week has come and gone with plenty of exciting fishing and memorable moments. Our walleye fishing continues to impress our guests with plenty of trophy sized fish being caught and released each week. The bigger fish are moving deep now and can be found in water ranging from 18’ to 28’, the smaller eaters are also moving out to deeper water as well but solid numbers can still be found in water less than 15’ deep along the weed edges. Dan and Terri Roose tried fishing this week without the skilled help and knowledge of Allyn and Bev Harms, usually the four of them fish together but this season Allyn brought up his own boat, or should I say dingy, and left Dan and Terri to fend for themselves. Dan Released a 24” and a 25 1/2” walleye while “want-a-be” Allyn never made the board, guess Dan wasn’t the problem after all. Amber Luhring, formerly Amber Boevers had a great week of fishing, she released a chunky 24” and a feisty 27 1/2” walleye, father Brian was all smiles. Phil Turnquist will admit he is still learning the ropes but he landed the biggest walleye of his life, a chunky 27 1/2” fish, Doyle Brocka returned to camp this season, he released a 26” walleye but who cares? Harlan Kruse slithered into camp this week with intentions of showing everybody how the “Old Man” does it, well he did have some good walleye fishing I will say, he released a 27” walleye and a 29 1/2” brute that was his personal best, he vows to return this fall to continue his quest to catch a walleye over 30”, lucky me! Tim Schaeffer has come a long way over the years and his 26 3/4” walleye he released was a nice fish but his wife Kim “the bladder splatter” easily crushed his fish when she released a monster 30 1/2” walleye, seems the key to catching big fish is to spend time in the boat with your pants down, whatever works I guess. Bass fishing is getting tougher now with many of the fish moving deep and making it difficult to find them. The bass that were caught this week were mainly caught while fishing for walleyes in water 25’ deep or deeper. Harlan Kruse and Doyle Brocka both released 18” bass, they really thought their fish were impressive but hold on there boys, Brett Langfritz walked up to the plate and crushed your little happy dance when he released a beautiful 18-3/8” bass, his fish ended up being the second biggest bass of the week because once again the “Queen of Urine” hooked into a giant 19” bass that was tops for the week, Kim actually caught this fish when she wasn’t peeing! Northern fishing for our guests was slow if you were casting weeds or rocks, seems the big fish are following the smaller walleyes down to deep water and leaving the shallow water. Many of our guests caught their biggest northern while fishing for walleyes in water over 25’ deep. Amber Luhring, Sherri Boevers, and Kevin Luhring all released a northern between 35” and 37 1/2”, they were fishing with Brian Boevers who as the captain of the boat as well as the father, father-in-law, and husband of his crew just wanted to see everybody have a great time, which he did in great fashion, next year will be your turn to shine Brian. Tim Schaeffer released a giant 41” northern, his biggest ever here at camp, Bev Harms continued to deliver a beat down to husband Allyn when she released a 41-1/2” brute, Terri Roose released a 42” monster that put a huge smile on husband Dan’s face, Kevin Holm was the big winner in camp this week, he caught a 42-3/4” torpedo that hit his walleye rig in deep water, good catch Kevin. The water is still below normal levels here on Wabaskang but our guests had no problems boating around the lake. Next week we have another group of seasoned regulars so the fishing should be impressive, for now this is Jim from Wabaskang.

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